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1q21 gene probe
- Aug 15, 2018 -

About 1q21 gene

Chromosome 1 abnormalities are one of the most common cytogenetic findings in MM (multiple myeloma). A major feature of B cell malignancies is the slow increase in malignant plasma cells that grow in the bone marrow. The CKS1B gene is located at 1q21 at the end of the long arm of chromosome 1. In the progression of myeloma disease, tandem repeats and skip translocations occur in the 1q21 band, whereas in multiple myeloma patients, 1q amplification is associated with poor prognosis.

Clinical significance

1q21 (CKS1B) is the most common genetic abnormality in MM. Amplification of the CKS1B gene leads to upregulation of the cell cycle, causing many proliferative diseases. 1q21 amplification is usually associated with the infiltrating phenotype of MM, with poor prognosis and rapid disease progression.