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ATM probe
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Application: Hematological Tumor

About the ATM gene

The ATM gene (a dysfunctional telangiectasia mutated gene) is located at 11q22.3 and encodes a protein kinase involved in cell cycle regulation and activation of TP53 activity.

Probe description

The ATM gene deletion probe is a two-color hybridization probe, and the red fluorescent dye is directly labeled as an ATM probe. The probe specifically acts on the ATM gene at chromosome region 11q22.3 and directly labels the centromeric region of chromosome 11 using a green fluorescent dye.

Clinical significance

The deletion rate of ATM gene in B cell CLL is 15-20%, which is related to the invasion of disease, and the prognosis is poor. The deletion of ATM gene is the most common deletion in CLL, which can guide the choice of treatment and the evaluation of prognosis.