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How Are Molecular Diagnostics Used?
- Feb 07, 2019 -

Do you know where are the Molecular diagnostics applied for ?

I will tell you from 4 applification below.

  1. Risk Assessment

    Molecular diagnostics can be used to determine whether a person is at risk for a certain type of cancer.Some specific gene can tell how likely a person is to develop cancer and the patients can choose to take preventive measures or more intensive screening.

  2. Differential Diagnosis

    Molecular diagnostics can also be used to help diagnose cancers. They can help differentiate cancer from benign tumors  ,some changes of the specific genes show the signs of the specific tumors.Like the HER-2 gene amplification almost always related to breast cancer, and the ALK gene fusion always occurs in lung cancer.And the detection can  further help identify the type of tissue in which the cancer originated(breast ,lung ,brain,etc) . Molecular diagnostics can even help classify different cancer subtypes that affect the same tissue. The cancer’s molecular subtype may have implications for treatment.The FISH probes of our company can detect the polymorphism in DNA sequence associated to genetic disease ,and more time-saving than the traditional ones .

  3. Prognosis

    Prognosis refers to the natural course of disease in the absence of treatment or a predicted outcome of the results from medical treatment. Some cancers are naturally more aggressive than others and knowing this may help patients and physicians determine which treatment to select.

  4. Pharmacokinetics

    Due to genetic differences, some people metabolize drugs faster than others, the products PCR kits can find the dose that a person should take , less dose or over dose,to get the individual medicine guide.