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what is the molecular in molecular diagnostic
- Feb 08, 2019 -

You know the molecular diagnostic , molecular oncology ,but do you know well about what is the molecular and the relationship between them ?

For the human , the molecular means human chromosomes ,DNA,Genes,RNA and Proteins , we have 23 pairs of chromosomes include  XY,and the DNA is kind of molecular in chromosoms ,you can find a lot of genes in DNA structures , the RNA is a copy of a sequence of base pairs in a DNA, and can guide the cell to product proteins .

Every molecular can show the health condition of a person.People finds many method to detect whether the person is healthy .

Our FISH probe is kind of DNA probes that can detect the polymorphism in DNA sequence . There are some gene change in many patients developed cancer,like gene fusion, gene amplication and gene break. The ALK gene fusion always occurs in Lung cancer(ALK probe ),and the HER-2 gene amplicaion alway accompany the breast cancer(HER-2 probe) .

Use this molecular oncology tests (FISH probe ),the doctor can clear know what happens to the patient gene and determine the tumor is benign or malignant,it will help both patiens and doctors save time.

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