13(13q14)/13q34 Probe

13(13q14)/13q34 Probe

Product Description: chronic lymphocytic leukemia;multiple myeloma
Applications: Hematological tumor

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13(13q14)/13q34 probe



Product Advantages

1.Fleetness: Tissue probe hybridization time: 2 hours. Cell probe hybridization time: 1 hour.

2.Accuracy: Less non-specific background staining (dyeing). Increase difficult samples detection rate.

3.Reproducibility: Different laboratories test results are highly reproducible.

◆Probe Description


13q14/13q34 is a mixed dual-color probe. The orange-red fluorescent dye directly labels the D13S319 probe. The probe specifically detects the D13S319 gene at 13q14.2. The green fluorescent dye directly labels the 13q34 probe, which specifically detects LAMP1 gene at 13q34 region.

◆Clinical Significance

Studies have shown that in the absence of event survival and overall survival, the absence of 13q has a negative impact on patient survival; the most common aberration in CLL is the deletion of 13q14.2, which contains the D13S319 gene, and for genetic variation alone have a good prognosis, these abnormalities are important for the diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

◆Size Specifications


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