BCL2 Break Apart Probe

BCL2 Break Apart Probe

Product Description: lymphoma
Applications: Hematological tumor

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BCL2 gene break probe

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image.pngdo not contain Repetitive Sequence result in:

  • High specificity - Does not bind to non-target fragments .

  • High sensitivity - Effective detection of small fragments .

  • Strong fluorescent signal - Not obscured by background color and probe signal .

  • Fluorescent background and noise are low - Not easy to mask weak signals .

Probe Description


BCL2 is a two-color cleavage probe that is a mixture of two probes directly labeled to 18q21.33-q22.1. The green fluorescent directly labeled probe hybridizes to the proximal end of the BCL2 gene, while the orange-red fluorescent dye The directly labeled probe hybridizes to the distal end of the BCL2 gene.

◆Clinical Significance

Follicular lymphoma (FL) is a less malignant B cell tumor derived from the center of follicle development. FL is a common type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL), accounting for about 10% of NHL in China and 25%-45% of NHL in Europe and America. BCL2/IGH rearrangement occurs in approximately 80%-85% of FL, t(14;18) (q32;q21) reciprocal translocation of BCL2 proto-oncogene with ICH gene; BCL2/IGH rearrangement survival rate is shortened, prognosis difference. In addition to its primary fusion with the IGH gene, it has also been found that BCL2 can be fused to other genes (eg AFF3, IGHL, etc.).

◆Size Specifications


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