C11orf-95/RELA Fusion Probe

C11orf-95/RELA Fusion Probe

Product Description: Ependymoma
Applications :Solid tumors

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Product Details


C11orf-95/RELA Gene Fusion detection Probe

Product Advantages

1.Fleetness: Tissue probe hybridization time: 2 hours. Cell probe hybridization time: 1 hour.

2.Accuracy: Less non-specific background staining (dyeing). Increase difficult samples detection rate.

3.Reproducibility: Different laboratories test results are highly reproducible.

Probe Description


The C11orf95/RELA gene fusion probe uses orange dye to mark C11orf95 gene, and green dye to mark RELA gene. Due to the proximity of the C11orf95 and RELA genes (2M bp), the conventional C11orf95/RELA gene fusion probe cannot completely distinguish between positive and negative samples. This probe is designed for C11orf95/RELA fusion gene probe using a non-repeated sequence probe. The negative samples of C11orf95/RELA gene fusion display 2R2G signal and the positive samples of C11orf95/RELA gene fusion display a typical 1R1G1F signal.

Clinical Significance

In 70% of young patients with anterior cerebrum ependymoma, all have a RELA mutation to form a C11orf95/RELA gene fusion. This fusion gene can be used for the differential diagnosis and prognosis of ependymoma.

Size Specifications


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