CLL Chromosome and Gene Anomaly Probe

CLL Chromosome and Gene Anomaly Probe

Product Description: chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Applications: Hematological tumor

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CLL chromosome and gene anomaly detection probe

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RB1/ATM D13S319-CEP12

◆Product Advantages

1.Fleetness: Tissue probe hybridization time: 2 hours. Cell probe hybridization time: 1 hour.

2.Accuracy: Less non-specific background staining (dyeing). Increase difficult samples detection rate.

3.Reproducibility: Different laboratories test results are highly reproducible.

Probe Description



The kit consists of three sets of probes: RB1/ATM, P53/CEP17, and D13S319/CEP12. The probes of RB1, P53 and D13S319 are labeled with orange-red fluorescent dye, and the ATM, CEP17 and CEP12 probes are labeled with green fluorescence dye.

Clinical Significance

80% of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia have chromosomal abnormalities. The most common deletion is on chromosome 13 long arm del (13q14.1); chromosome 12 is missing or trisomy; chromosome 17 short arm is missing del (17p). These abnormalities are important for the diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment options, and prognosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Size Specifications


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