ETV6 (TEL)/RUNX1 (AML1) Translocation Probe

ETV6 (TEL)/RUNX1 (AML1) Translocation Probe

Product Description:acute lymphoblastic leukemia(ALL)
Applications: Hematological tumor

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ETV6(TEL)/ RUNX1(AML1 ) gene translocation probe



◆Product Advantages

1.Fleetness: Tissue probe hybridization time: 2 hours. Cell probe hybridization time: 1 hour.

2.Accuracy: Less non-specific background staining (dyeing). Increase difficult samples detection rate.

3.Reproducibility: Different laboratories test results are highly reproducible.

◆Probe Description


The TEL probe was labeled with orange red dye and the green dye was used to mark the AML1 probe.

◆Clinical Significance

TEL/AML1 fusion gene has the incidence of 20-25% in children B-ALL, and has a good prognosis, but it is easy to relapse.

◆Size Specifications


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