MYB (6q23) Probe

MYB (6q23) Probe

Product Description: chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)
Applications: hematological tumor

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Product Details


MYB(6q23)gene probe



Product Advantages

1.Fleetness: Tissue probe hybridization time: 2 hours. Cell probe hybridization time: 1 hour.

2.Accuracy: Less non-specific background staining (dyeing). Increase difficult samples detection rate.

3.Reproducibility: Different laboratories test results are highly reproducible.

◆Probe Description


MYB/CEP6 is a dual-color hybrid probe in which green dye directly labels the CEP6 probe, which specifically acts on chromosome 6 (D6Z1), while the red dye directly labels the MYB probe, which specifically acts on the probe. The MYB gene at the 6q23.2-23.3 region of the chromosomal region.

◆Clinical Significance

The 6q deletion abnormality is the fourth most common abnormality of B-CLL, about 10%, and the 6q deletion has a poor prognosis in various tumors including CLL; this probe can detect the small missing region of 2Mb which is not distinguishable by karyotype analysis.

◆Size Specifications


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