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Mirax Corporation (South Korea) General Manager Mr.SJ.Bae visited Wuhan Healthcare again
- Nov 05, 2018 -

On October 31th,2018, Mirax Corporation(South Korea) General Manager Mr. SJ. Bae visited Wuhan Healthcare again,and has been welcomed by a team composed of the International Marketing Department, the Medical Department, the Research and Development Department , the Quality Department and the Production Department.

Mr. SJ. Bae's visit is mainly to further study about  the Fully Automatic FISH pretreatment system and make a final inspection for the introduction of this product to the Korean market.


Dr. Lambert, International Marketing Manager, led Mr. SJ Bae to visit our company's instrument. Dr. Lambert  showed him an updated version of TL101.Through operating of the equipment, Mr. Sj. Bae compared differences of  various indicators and performance between  the two versions of the equipment, and personally thought  that the new version pretreatment equipment had greater advantages, especially the improvement in the noise .Then Mr. SJ Bae  and Dr. Lambert discussed the problems that would appear during the sales in Korea, such as  the shipment packaging, delivery time, after-sales and so on .

Mr. SJ Bae believes that the Fully Automatic FISH pretreatment system has great development prospects in South Korea, and we will provide maximum support for them .This is the stepping stone for Wuhan Healthcare  to enter the International Market. With the constant rise of Wuhan Healthcare ‘s  popularity, more domestic and international  partners will reach consensus with Healthcare in the future and establish a good, long-term and win-win cooperation relationship.