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MYC Gene Broke The Probe
- Aug 15, 2018 -

MYC gene breaks the problem of probes applied to blood tumors

About the MYC gene: The proto-oncogene of MYC is located on chromosome 8q24 and encodes a transcription factor that regulates cell growth. It is primarily activated by amplification and rearrangement of chromosomal translocations. Downstream target genes affect cell proliferation, DNA and protein synthesis and metabolism. In recent years, abnormal MYC genes have become an important indicator of poor prognosis in patients with DLBCL.

The MYC two-color cleavage probes are two directly labeled hybridization probes that hybridize in the 8q24.21 region. The probe hybridizes to the proximal end of the MYC gene and the green dye-labeled probe hybridizes to the distal MYC gene.

MYC gene mutation in 5%-10% diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients, survival time is shorter than normal patients; MYC gene break and BCL2 gene break or BCL6 gene break can be used to diagnose double lymphoma (DHL).