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The Managing Director Of APS Lifetech (India) ,Dr. Paritosh Shekhar, Visited Wuhan Healthcare Biotechnology Co .,Ltd
- Dec 21, 2018 -

On December 20, 2018, the Managing Director of APS Lifetech ,Dr. Paritosh Shekhar, visited Healthcare  and was warmly welcomed by Dr.Lambert ,the  International Marketing Manager   , Medical Department and R&D Department .The main purpose of this visit is to discuss the cooperation between  APS Lifetech  and Healthcare in 2019.

APS Lifetech is a biotech company actively involved among in the sales of medical devices, laboratory instruments and Bio-pharma, antibodies & reagents products under one roof.

 Dr. Lambert led Dr. Shekhar to visit the R&D laboratory ,and introduced him the automatic FISH pretreatment system , showing  the operation process .   Dr. Shekhar highly praised the equipment.



                                                                   From left  : Dr.Lambert ;Dr.Shekhar  


Second from leftDr. Paritosh Shekhar

Healthcare will make a plan for the cooperation with APS Lifetech  in 2019, and we will meet again in April 2019 to make the evaluation ,including the details of online training and arranging technician to visit APS Lifetech to provide face to face  training service .